Hot Mineral Springs

Balinese Spa Retreat provides one of the most relaxing private hot mineral spring experiences in Victoria, creating the perfect getaway for a honeymoon, hideaway, romantic proposal or special occasion. Balinese Retreat is an adults only resort designed for couples to experience the benefits of hot mineral water bathing in complete seclusion. That's why we do not provide public bathing.

Hot Mineral Springs Victoria

Hot springs bathing is a luxurious way to relax, and experience all the benefits for the body of mineral-rich water. Hot mineral springs bathing at Balinese Retreat is like no other hot springs experience in Victoria. All bathing is completely private so that romantic couples or friends are able to experience the benefits of true relaxation and connection in a beautiful and luxurious private resort.

Bathing is available indoors in the sumptuous Roman Bathhouse or outdoors in a completely private landscaped hot mineral pool. Hot mineral water bathing in a luxurious timber hot tub under the stars is available with resort accommodation packages.


Mineral Spring Water

Mineral water is collected from deep within the  Dandenong Ranges aquifier. The water is pumped from a depth of 80 metres and heated to a temperature ideal for bathing and for enjoying the soothing benefits of the minerals.

Mineral Water Composition & Benefits

Below is a comprehensive list of the composition of the mineral waters*.

  • PH Level 7.0
  • Sodium 230 – Salt soaks have been known to relieve symptoms of arthritis.
  • Chloride 620 – Musculoskeletal benefits.
  • Calcium 210 – Vital for the growth and maintenance of bones.
  • Magnesium 34 – Maintains normal heart rhythms; converts blood sugar to energy; maintains muscle tissue and hormone levels.
  • Sulphate 24 – Rids the body of toxins; promotes the health of bone, hair, nails, fluids in joints, vertebral discs; Sulphur is an anti-inflammatory.
  • Potassium 3.6 – Assists in the normalisation of heart rhythms; reducing high blood pressure; eliminating body toxins and promotes healthy skin.
  • Iron 3.4 – Builds up the quality of blood; increases resistance to stress and disease. Prevents fatigue and promotes good skin tone.
*As tested by SGS Environmental Services on April 2008. All units are in milligrams per litre.