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There are heaps of ways to celebrate your anniversary and amongst them quite a few really lame ones. Of course when we talk about romance, what one person considers lame and would never dream of doing, another person thinks is the most romantic idea they’ve heard about. What turns you on and the things you find romantic are as personal as you are, and as unique as your partnership.

Romance is about sentimentality, surprise and novelty. They’re the things that make our heart leap; that make us laugh and make for life’s great memories.

There are of course all the traditional ways to celebrate your anniversary. The most obvious is going out to dinner. However, even the most predictable or obvious activity can be infused with excitement if you do it in style. It’s not so much what you choose to do, but how you do it.

We’ve come up with a list of some romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary that we think might appeal to many of our romantic minded guests. Embrace your own romantic spirit and ignite the sparks of love and seduction with your partner.

1. Road Adventure

Celebrate your anniversary by going on an unplanned road trip together. A sense of adventure is always exciting. There’s no need to book accommodation. See where the road takes you and let your accommodation find you!

2. Heat It Up

For the couple that love pampering, organise a day trip to a luxury hot springs resort for bathing and a couples massage. You can impress your partner with a new bathing suit, and if you book the right package you may not even need it! Some luxury hot mineral springs allow for private bathing outdoors without clothes, allowing you maximum privacy.

3. Sexy Accommodation Surprise

Book a luxury B&B or couples retreat accommodation as a surprise for your partner. It doesn’t have to be a long distance away. In fact, the closer it is, the more time you’ll have to relax and enjoy it. Book into a couples retreat that offers more than just accommodation and can provide pampering day spa treatments and dining for a night of seductive indulgence. Ask your hosts if they can provide a bottle of champagne or red roses in your room, or if they have any romantic packages for couples.

4. Another Perspective

Do something different together. Discovering new things and exploring the world is a great way to enjoy being together. Pretend to be a tourist in your city and go to the places you normally wouldn’t visit. Take a ride on the historic Puffing Billy steam train through the rainforest or the Old Melbourne Gaol.

For the couple that love pampering, organise a day trip to a luxury hot springs resort for bathing and a couples massage.

Heat it Up

5. Old Fashioned

Are you an old fashioned romantic? Celebrate your anniversary by going on a picnic. Prepare your own gourmet hamper, including a decadent dessert, and head to a beautiful park or lake. Set your basket and rug on the lawn at The National Rhododendron Garden or Pirianda Gardens in Olinda and spend a lazy afternoon.

6. The Great Outdoors

For outdoors lovers, head to your spiritual home in nature to celebrate your anniversary. Treck a trail you’ve never been before or set out on an overnight hike. Sleep under the starts and wake to a beautiful beach at sunrise. Just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean you need to go without your little luxuries, either. Pack something special to surprise each other.

7. Cheesy But Romantic

This idea is pretty cheesy, but we think it’s also very romantic. Write a letter to each other on each year of your anniversary, but don’t open it till the following year. This will appeal to hopeless romantics who also like to express their feelings in the written word.

8. Take it Offline

Celebrate your anniversary without any digital technology. Yes we’re serious! See what happens.

9. New Sensation

Celebrate your anniversary by enrolling in a class together to learn something new. Make sure you choose something that interests you both. Enrol in a language or cooking class, learn scuba diving, surfing or hang out in the clouds learning to hang glide.

10. Laughter & Fun

Spend a day laughing together. Visit an amusement park, go bowling together, trampolining, or rollerskating.

11. Rags To Riches

Dress up and go out on the town. This means really dressing up to impress each other. Play, flirt and enjoy yourselves. Go to a beautiful restaurant and then go dancing.

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