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There are a million things to do in Melbourne for date night. From cool bars, restaurants and cafes, to cultural performances, galleries and gardens to explore. Whether you’re looking for a traditional romantic night of dinner and a show, or something a little different, with a little attention to the romantic details, you’ll create an unforgettable romantic night in Melbourne.

When planning a romantic evening don’t make the mistake of thinking you must head to the city. While Melbourne city has heaps to offer, there are lots of opportunities for romance a little further afield, but still in easy driving distance.

Getting The Romantic Ingredients Right

It’s a cliche to say that its the little things that matter when it comes to creating a romantic mood. But when you get the balance of elements just right, everything else flows.

Food & Wine

A night of romance wouldn’t be right without sharing in the sensual experience, aromas and taste of good food and wine. Food is also known as an aphrodisiac because of it’s effect on mood and body, and its symbolic associations. Seafood, a glass of bubbles or heart shaped chocolates are the stuff of all romantic fantasy.

Enjoying food and wine throughout your romantic evening, rather than all at once is a great way to prolong the pleasure of eating. If you have booked accommodation, a glass of champagne or wine on arrival allows you to settle in before dinner. And of course the pleasure of chocolates or champagne when you return to your room for the evening  can be a welcome, romantic surprise.

Balinese Retreat:  If you choose to spend your romantic night in Melbourne at Balinese Retreat enjoy complimentary drinks on arrival and a selection of special treats to share in your completely private villa. Enjoy dinner in the resort restaurant serving modern asian-inspired cuisine made from fresh, local produce and seafood.


Privacy is often the thing that many couples with children lack. That’s why on a romantic date night or getaway, finding just the right level of privacy is important. Privacy is the hallmark of romance and seduction, allowing couples to relax and be intimate.

Balinese Retreat has been designed for couples to experience the ultimate in seclusion. The resort caters for only one couple to stay at a time, in a luxury villa. Your accommodation is built in authentic Thai style from natural timbers and decorated with Balinese art.


Relaxation is sexy. When couples can return to each other in a relaxed state and connect with their sense of fun, magic can happen. Of course at the end of a busy week, relaxation sometimes doesn’t happen with a snap of your fingers.

For a romantic night out or a weekend getaway, choose activities that you can share that are relaxing. Take a long walk, visit a dayspa for some long overdue pampering, or indulge in hot springs bathing together. Bathing is known to reduce stress levels and has healing benefits for the body.

Balinese Retreat offers the ultimate in relaxation for couples to escape for one night or two nights. Enjoy hot mineral springs bathing indoors in a Roman bathhouse or bathe without clothes in a completely private outdoor hot pool. Balinese retreat offers all inclusive accommodation packages with a range of day spa options, including couples massage and treatments, mud bathing, colour therapy and steam room.


Sunsets, mountain views and water are all romantic cliches. A romantic night in a big city with a view of water or watching a beautiful sunset can be very romantic. For a larger dose of nature, plan your romantic night in Melbourne a little further from the CBD, where you’ll find nature in abundance.

Balinese Retreat offers the most romantic elements of nature – natural hot springs and an exotic mountain location – without compromising on any luxuries or romance. Couples stay in a completely private villa, surrounded by bamboo groves and lakes to enjoy and can bathe outdoors in natural mineral spring waters overlooking the resort.


Romance is about the art of seduction. A romantic atmosphere includes elements such as low lighting, plush furnishings, music and exotic scents. Romantic scene-setting influences mood and creates a sense of intrigue and drama.

Balinese Retreat is a five acre resort filled with seductive ambience, perfect for romantic couples. Romantic lighting directs you to your private villa and allows couples to enjoy outdoor bathing under the stars. The resort restaurant and bar is decorated with dark tones and glossy, sophisticated decor, to have dramatic appeal for couples.


Including an element of surprise in your romantic night in Melbourne is a fun way to inject extra romance into your evening. You can do this by buying a surprise gift or planning part of your evening as a surprise for your partner.

At Balinese Retreat, we understand that surprise is important. That’s why each of our accommodation packages treats you with special romantic gifts to be enjoyed in your villa.

Balinese Retreat – Dandenong Ranges Luxury

Balinese Retreat is located an easy 45 minute drive from the centre of Melbourne, in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. The Dandenong Ranges is a popular location for visitors to relax and find escape from city pressures, enjoy beautiful views and explore the many small villages.

Balinese Retreat is situated on five acres of resort gardens and offers couples a completely secluded romantic getaway, with a choice of luxury spa treatments, indoor and outdoor hot mineral springs bathing, and sophisticated dining. Balinese retreat offers a range of one, two and three night packages, as well as romantic add-ons for special occasions. If you are looking for a way to celebrate your anniversary or romantic proposal, Balinese Retreat is perfect for your next romantic night in Melbourne.

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